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Routine maintenance of CNC system (II)

2016-03-31 11:24:30 -

Routine maintenance of CNC system (II)

Routine maintenance of CNC system (II)
CNC machine tools, also known as CNC (Computer Numerical) machine tools, namely, computer numerical control machine tools, with the development of science and technology, mechanical processing industries for products made with high precision, highly complex requirements. And with the upgrading of products, not only for machine tools made of high precision and complexity requirements. And along with the upgrading of products, not only for machine tools made high precision and high efficiency requirements, but also it raised its versatility and flexibility requirements. This requirement is for the CNC machine tools to produce a new type of automated machine tools. This paper describes the characteristics and applications of CNC machine tools, CNC machine tools to import routine maintenance, daily maintenance prominent CNC machine tools CNC machine tools is an effective means continuation of the life cycle.
Many kinds of CNC machine tools, various types of CNC machine tools because of their different functions, structure and systems, each with different characteristics. Its content and maintenance rules have their own characteristics, which should be based on the specific machine type, model, and actual use, and with reference to the use of the machine specification requirements, develop and build the necessary regular maintenance grading system. Here are some common, generic routine maintenance points.

Maintenance (a) CNC system

1, strict adherence to rules and routine maintenance of the system

CNC equipment operators to strictly abide by the rules and routine maintenance of the system, the technical quality of the business operator is an important factor affecting the merits of failure frequency. When the machine fails, the operator should pay attention to retain the site, and to maintenance personnel truthfully explain the situation before and after the malfunction occurred, in order to facilitate analysis, diagnose the cause of the failure, and remove.

2, to prevent dust and dirt from entering the interior of the apparatus NC

In the machine shop air will generally have oil mist, dust or metal powders, once they fall on the circuit board or electronic devices within the NC system, easily lead to decreased insulation resistance between components, even resulting in damage to the components and circuit boards . Some users in the summer in order to make long-term overload NC system can work, take NC open cabinet doors to dissipate heat, which is a highly undesirable method, which will eventually lead to accelerated damage to the CNC system, CNC cabinet should minimize open and strong electric doors.

3, to prevent the system from overheating

CNC cabinet should check whether each of the cooling fan is working properly. Every six months or once every quarter to check whether the duct filter clogging, the filter medium if excessive dust accumulation, not cleared, it will cause CNC cabinet temperature is too high.

4 regular maintenance, CNC system input / output device

Before the 1980s the production of CNC machine tools, most of them with a photoelectric paper tape reader, if read with section contamination will result in an error message reads. Therefore, we must according to the provisions of the photoelectric reader for maintenance.

5, regular inspection and replacement of DC brush motors

DC motor brushes for excessive wear, it will affect the performance of the motor, and even cause motor damage. To this end, deal with motor brushes periodic inspection and replacement. CNC lathes, milling machines, machining centers, etc., should be checked once a year.

6, regular inspection and replacement of storage batteries

Within the general CNC system CMOSRAM memory device has a rechargeable battery protection circuit to ensure that the contents of its memory can be maintained during the system is not energized. In general, even if not expired, it should be replaced once a year to ensure the system works. Replacing the battery should be under the numerical control system power state, replace the RAM in case when information is lost.

7. Maintenance of standby circuit board

Standby printed circuit board not long, should be regularly loaded into the CNC system power-running for some time, to prevent damage.

The purpose and significance of the second chapter of CNC machine tools for routine maintenance

CNC technology is the digital information on the mechanical motion control technology, electromechanical integration products based on CNC equipment CNC technology as the representative of new technologies on traditional manufacturing industries and emerging machining manufacturing penetration formed, compared with the conventional machine tool, CNC machine tool not only has high machining accuracy, high production efficiency, product quality and a high degree of automation features, and it can be done or not at all difficult to complete common machining of complex surface parts processing, thus CNC machine tools in the machinery manufacturing industry the position seems increasingly important. Its technological range covers many areas of manufacturing, is the key equipment of modern manufacturing, enterprises to improve efficiency and competitiveness of key equipment. However, we should clearly understand: the production of CNC machine tools can achieve high precision, stable product quality, increase production efficiency target, which depends not only on the accuracy and performance of the machine itself, to a large extent with the operator in the production of CNC machine tools can correctly carry out maintenance and use are closely related. Only by adhering to the machine do the routine maintenance work, you can extend the life of components, to extend the period of wear of mechanical parts, to prevent accidental fatalities, long time stability for the machine; also to be fully CNC machine tools advantages, to meet the technical performance CNC machine tools, CNC machine tools to ensure normal work. Therefore, to do routine maintenance, can maintain the equipment in good technical condition, delaying the process of deterioration, timely detection and elimination of hidden faults, so as to ensure safe operation.

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