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Stamping Mold CAD / CAM technology development

2016-03-31 11:23:27 -

Stamping Mold CAD / CAM technology development

Just a few years through the development of recent times, the level of stamping die has been greatly improved. Large stamping die has been able to produce a single set of weight of over 50 tons of stamping dies. Mid-range sedan supporting domestic Stamping mold can be produced. Accuracy of 1 ~ 2μm, life 200 million times around the multi-position progressive die there are many domestic enterprises can produce. Surface roughness Ra ≦ 1.5μm precision stamping dies, large size (Φ ≧ 300mm) precision dies and precision die plate country also has reached a very high level.

First look stamping die CAD / CAM technology development
CAD-Computer Aided Design Computer Aided Design

Computer-aided design (CAD-Computer Aided Design) refers to the use of computer graphics equipment to help designers and design work. In the design usually use a lot of computer programs for different calculations, analysis and comparison, to determine the optimal solution; a variety of design information, whether it is digital, text or graphics, can be stored in the computer's memory or external exist in, and can quickly retrieve; designers typically start with a sketch design sketches into the heavy work of the graph can be handed over to the computer to complete; the design results automatically generated by a computer, you can quickly make graphics that make designers in a timely manner judgment and modify designs; editing can be carried out with the use of computer graphics, zoom, pan, etc. relating to rotation of copying and graphic data processing work.

CAM-Computer Aided Manufacturing Computer Aided Manufacturing

Core CAM (computer Aided Manufacturing, Computer Aided Manufacturing) is a computer numerical control (CNC short), is used in the manufacture of the production process computer process or system. 1952 MIT first developed a CNC milling machine. NC is characterized by a coded on punched paper tape program instructions to control the machine. Since then the development of a series of CNC machine tools, including one called "processing center" multi-function machines, automatic tool change from a magazine and automatic conversion work location, complete continuous milling, drilling, reaming, tapping and other proceduresThese are controlled by the operation of program instructions, program instructions can be changed as long as the change process, this flexibility of CNC machining called "flexible."

Our stamping die CAD / CAM technology development for over 20 years. Former Huazhong Institute of Technology and the Wuhan plant in 1984, 733 have completed the precision die CAD / CAM system is China's first self-developed stamping die CAD / CAM system. By the Central Institute of Technology and Beijing stamping die plant completed in 1986 equal to Die CAD / CAM system is our self-developed the first punching die AD / CAM systems. Shanghai Jiaotong University to develop the Die CAD / CAM systems in the same year to complete. Since the 1990s, stamping die design and manufacturing in the domestic auto industry began to use CAD / CAM technology.

Rapid Prototyping (RP) and the traditional fast economic stamping die combination, rapid manufacture of large automotive panel stamping die, to solve the original low-melting alloy stamping die, stamping die casting samples, low precision stamping dies, system pieces of low precision, difficult issues such as the kind of production to achieve a three-dimensional CAD model as a quick stamping die manufacturing molding is based, and ensure the accuracy of parts for the automotive industry, development of new models, the body provides a quick trial coverage parts production guarantee, it marks RPM large panels used in automotive body stampings mold trial has been a success.

Around the car body prototype, rapid manufacture of large panel stamping dies, and in recent years have emerged some new rapid prototyping methods, such as applied currently in production multi-point forming and laser shock and electromagnetic forming technologies They have shown to reduce costs, improve efficiency and other advantages.

In the press molding CAE software, in addition to the introduction of the software, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Jilin University, Hunan University have developed software with independent intellectual property rights a higher level, and has been successfully applied in the production practice, resulting in a Good benefits.

21 century CAD / CAM technology is increasingly popular, now has a production capacity of stamping die enterprises have a basic CAD / CAM technology. In which part of the backbone of key enterprises also have various CAE capabilities.

Stamping die CAD / CAM technology can significantly shorten stamping die design and manufacturing cycle, reduce production costs, improve product quality, it has become the consensus.

Currently stamping technology:
1.CAD / CAM technology
3.EDS technology
4.EDS of UG
5.CRADE and space-E
6.CV company CADS5
7.DELCAM company DOCT5

8.ParametricTechnology company's Pro / Engineer

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