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What is hardware prototype?

2016-03-31 11:49:38 -

What is hardware prototype?

What is a hand? In the product design process, after we completed the design drawings, the most wanted thing is to want to know what to make of their own design what kind of appearance and their design ideas is consistent, the structural design is reasonable, etc. Hand manufacturing is responding to this demand arising. Popular speak, palm open mold is in the absence of the premise, according to one or several product appearance drawings or structural drawings first made, used to check the appearance or structure rationality function model.
Why should we make palm?
(1) to verify that the design prototype is not only visual, but can touch, he could very intuitive in kind in the form of the designer's creative reflected, to avoid the "painted nice and do not look good," the drawbacks. Therefore Shouban production in new product development, product appearance in the process of scrutiny is essential.
(2) test structure design Shouban is because the assembly, so it can be reasonably reflect the intuitive structure or not, ease of installation. Facilitate early detection and solve problems.
(3), to avoid the risk of direct open mold mold manufacturing due to the generally high cost, relatively large molds worth hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of millions, if irrational structure or other problems found in the open mold process, its loss imagined. Shouban production to avoid such losses, reducing the risk of mold.
(4) to make products available much earlier time because the prototype production of advanced, you can use the hand as a product of propaganda before the mold developed, even pre-sales, production preparation work, early occupation of the market.