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2016-03-30 16:39:22 -

RPM custom machines your parts down to the finest detail for superior design evaluation. Our wide selection of metals includes: aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper, titanium, and magnesium and many others.

CNC machining allows for excellent surface finish and detail. Any part with critical flat surfaces, snap features, bearing surfaces or thin walls are best reproduced with custom CNC machining. We can anodize, paint, pad print, and apply special finishes such as brushed, beadblasted, or polished features to your parts.

CNC machining is a traditional solution for sourcing initial prototype parts. It is also ideal for short-run production needs or for bridging the time gap between prototyping and full production. Our capabilities include building test fixtures and production line fixtures, as well as short-run production orders in custom quantities to meet your metal machining needs.