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2016-03-30 16:39:40 -

Magnesium is a material commonly used in the Aerospace and Automotive industries because it is the lightest structural metal. Its high strength-to-weight ratio also makes it an attractive material for use in mobile consumer electronics such as notebook computers, tablets and smartphones. Despite the increased use of this material, many machine shops will not work with it due to the highly flammable nature of the dust that can be created during the machining process.

Reed Prototype & Machining has the expertise to accurately, safely and efficiently machine your magnesium parts. Since 1997, we've specialized in complex surface machining and are capable of reproducing some of the most challenging geometries.

Our magnesium machining services vary from one-off prototypes to short-run production services.

We also offer a range of secondary services, whether we machine your parts or not. Drilling, tapping, removal of ribs and bosses, painting and pad printing are all services we offer in-house. Numerous other surface coating and finish options are available through our network of partners.