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2016-03-30 16:39:53 -

With anything from a hand sketch to an engineering database, we will create the ideal appearance model for your prototype. Nearly indistinguishable from a production unit, appearance models are perfect for product manual photography, customer design reviews, and trade show displays. Our quality prototype modeling services will provide you with a concept model that represents your very best work.

Use of appropriate materials ensures that these appearance prototypes are durable enough for use by your in-field sales and marketing team. To further enhance realism, we can properly weight the prototype, add LED lighting effects, or incorporate moving parts and modularity. This is what separates our prototype manufacturing services from our competitors.

Our finishing team can match any color and simulate texture to accurately represent the finished product. Logos and graphics from your artwork can be applied to your prototype with our six-color pad printer to incorporate a durable extra level of detail.