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Correct application of paint is both a science and an art. We have the equipment and experience necessary to match colors and gloss levels and simulate texture to accurately represent your finished product. We can quickly explore multiple color options for concept studies, apply a durable final finish to production parts or provide any range of services in between We use many different paint types and systems, including DuPont SpectraMaster, PPG, Alsa, Sherwin Williams (Polane), soft feel finishes, R-M, and House of Kolor.

With 260 sq ft of space, our paint booth can accommodate jobs of nearly any size. Like the rest of our facility, we keep the paint booth and finish areas clean to make sure your machined prototypes are free of any unwanted dust or debris.


Pad Printing is a production quality process for transferring a custom 2D image onto a 3D surface. This allows us to add permanent multi-color graphics, such as logos and button identification, to a variety of substrates. Pad Printing is not limited to flat parts; we’ve successfully added graphics to numerous irregular surfaces including: cylindrical, spherical, compound angles, textured, concave and convex. Numerous other surface coating and finish options are available through our network of partners.